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QuicSoft is now a subscription service, meaning quicsoft now delivers 'software learning tutorials' right into your INBOX on a weekly basis!

The entire tutorial for a particular software has been broken down into 3 to 5 modules and each would be made available to you on the basis of 1 module per week. This way you would complete a particular software in around a month.

Welcome to Free Demo

This demo gives you a small tutorial about Microsoft Excel 2007.

Every aspect is taught crystal clear from the very beginning. Animations and colorful graphics add to the learning experience.

All of our tutorials adopt the same style and method of teaching drawn from lively and simple animations.

We offer the following subscription packages choose the one that suits you

About Us

Quicsoft specializes in developing feature rich contents dedicated to software teaching.

Our tutorials are easy to understand and fully graphical and animated to stimulate learning equally in all age groups.

Computer learning is real fun with QuicSoft tutorials.

For trade enquiries, or for bulk ordering of the package, or any problems, kindly mail us to:

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